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Abracadabra Dept is a fortnightly newsletter from me, your new trusted friend, that will – yes, recommend films etc, but also – connect the dots between what I’m watching to other films, playlists, drinks and so on. I’m often on the road ( mostly hugging onto the tailcoats of my peripatetic partner), so my tips won’t be totally Au-centric. They may be wild though! Let’s just see.

About me: I’m a writer, and film curator (mostly). I’m a Programmer at Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) and I’ve been the Director of Programming at Golden Age Cinema in Sydney since its 2013 inception, so I spend a shameless amount of time sitting in the dark. In a former lifetime I was a designer and, briefly, a DJ (LOL). I’m a houseplant & crystal enthusiast, a Leo with a Gemini Rising & Gemini Moon, and am known to go full Diane Keaton sometimes.

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